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Join or Premium Members Portal for Special Offers & Member Benefits Dance-Fusion is uniquely designed to not only train dance enthusiasts in technical aspects of various popular Free-Style dance disciplines, but also to unlock the potential of aspiring dancers to...

Homework Tuition, Technical Support & Assistance Programmes

Get your Homework Assistance Programme established, upgraded or expanded . . . with our technical assistance, training support and technology support appliances.  Give your students and participants a needed edge to expand their training capabilities and work...

BTSD Technology, Entrepreneurial & Youth Skills Development

REGISTER NOW TO ACCESS MEMBERS TRAINING PORTAL WELCOME to the CDC Productivity Development Programme (PDP): BTSD & YES Community Training Programmes & Workshops - PDP comprise several Training Modules, Workshops, Community Events, Entrepreneurial Projects and...

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 Register Your Group Now! ... we help you to LEARN - Research, Identify and Access Needed Skills & Training Programmes . . . !PREPARE - Prepare to Lobby, Navigate & Negotiate Required Means for Operations! . . . !DO - Develop Needed Infrastructure &...

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We welcome all community members, tutors, coordinators and event managers to join our team and revolution towards creating value-added opportunities for four youth and communities in need. Register to become a Tutor, Coordinator or Trainee for any or all our...

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JOIN ComDevCorp Members Network (Certificate & Diploma) Training Programmes: "The beautiful thing about learning is no one can take it away from you." - BB King The Entrepreneurship and Business Development Orientation and Training Workshops introduce participants...

P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

PROJECT 100 is a special skills training and development project that seeks to engage youths, young adults and community members selected from among ComDevCorp Programme Registrants in target communities.   P100 Candidates will be engaged in special-focus productivity...

About the Community Development Corporation (CDC)

The Community Development Corporation (CDC) was established in 1995 to develop, coordinate and manage a series of community and youth development projects in various low income and economically deprived communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Our organization...

Community Board – JOB Skills, Tasks, Services & Experts

Get your Jobs and work needs handled quickly, efficiently in a most cost-effective manner with our On-Demand community jobs services.  Join our community experts and become a key resource to the community by offering your unique skills set for hire.  No job is too big...

Create Your Life’s Blue-Print!

Looking for positive direction to move forward?

There is no better way to secure your future than investing now in yourself . . . it is up to you to take charge of your future and to taking the next steps towards embracing your excellence!

Missed the opportunity to gain marketable skills?
No one can place a time limit on learning new skills or adding value to a productive lifespan . . . it’s never too late to start learning new skills and becoming more familiar, knowledgeable and productive in the world around you!
Is there a solution to all your problems?
You are the solution to all your problems.  All you need is a clear vision of what you would like to achieve, sometimes with the support of someone with your best-interests at heart to help and guide you, and an accessible pathway towards achieving your goals! . . . in the final analysis … it’s your life! … and your life achievements begin and end with you regardless of challenges you face or the environment you are in:  CREATE YOUR VISION, develop or FIND A PATHWAY to DEDICATE YOURSELF and STAY POSITIVE in your pursuits! … We are here to help in anyway we can!

PDP - P100 Ubuntu Model. . . building . . .



CAPACITY . . . !

Agency Support & Services
VA Pro-Services Agency Support -

Sustainable Livelihoods Development PROJECT 100 (P100) is a special-focus community skills training and development project that seeks to engage community youths and young adults selected from among CDC Programme Registrants in each target community.  P100 provide special-focus productivity skills training and entrepreneurial project activities aimed at transforming learned skills and abilities to income-generation and job opportunities.Sustainable Livelihood Project 100 (P100) OutlineSignificant emphasis is placed on creating and developing opportunities that can monetize community assets and the abundance of cultural and value-added skills hidden within these communities.  The Community Outreach, Awareness and Project activities is initiated through our P100 Opportunity Meetings.

Business & Technology Skills Training Programme (BTSD)PROJECT 100 BTSD & BizTECH SKILLS TRAINING P100 incorporates the PDP, BTSD, BizTECH Special-Focus Training Modules and is developed as a bespoke (ubuntu) model, which individualizes the motivational aspects that help our trainees to overcome availability and scheduling challenges, fostering a non-competitive environment for individual and personal enhancing projects and learning pathways that are aligned with a participant’s personal needs and skills level. Our PDP and P100 training programmes are not designed as regular or scheduled “class sessions”, and holds as a key objective, being to help and ‘teach participants to teach themselves‘, through specialized skills enhancement, eLearning, CBTs, Cultural, Social and Life-Skills development programmes, which makes the training and project activities adaptive and (in the case of BTSD modules) accessible online for anywhere and anytime access.

CDC Community Athlete Programme (CAP)

Training include several cultural, social and entrepreneurial skills development activities including Cultural Dance, Fitness, Performance & Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) Programs?

Get a Free Quote for ServicesVIRTUAL / Online & IN-HOUSE Professional Office Administrative Services and Business Communications Support without business office overheads or the need for a full-time staff – Affordable – Efficient – Flexible.CDCorg Skills Training, Business Support & Secretariat Services

Community Group Coordinators

We welcome the involvement of community members and groups that are keen to work towards development goals that benefit the community and its members.

Tutors, Trainers & Community Organizations (CBOs)

We are keen to join forces with common, complementary or supporting interest organizations with shared values.  We support and contribute to value-added efforts of groups and organizations working towards beneficial impacts to the community.

We Offer:

  • Technical & Technology Skills Training 80% 80%
  • Social & Professional Skills Development 55% 55%
  • Productivity Focus Activities and Skills Training 95% 95%

BTSD, BizTECH & BIZNO Workshops:

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