Creative Art and Cultural Programmes

CDC supports the Creative Arts CommunityThe CDC actively seeks out opportunities to collaborate with business, charities and other community groups and partners in the creation and delivery of unique training and learning experiences for our member communities.

We strongly believe in the development and showcasing of natural talents of the people in our communities which have largely gone unnoticed.  We aspire to build a foundation in our communities’ talented members to acquire and be motivated to seek out needed training, or the opportunity to start and progress further in their chosen field.

We engage the support of CDC Associates & Partners with expertise and professional experience in the creative and performing arts community to train and encourage members to embrace diversity in health and fitness through cultural, artistic and dance activities. 

We offer training programmes by qualified and talented teachers that are truly passionate about their craft.  Community members are provided with opportunities to participate in a variety of recreational and learning activities including: 

  • Drama & TheatreDrama drama lesson being conducted

Here students are encouraged to explore freedom of expression and creativity.  They are taught how to communicate and bring the audience into their drama/play or performance, whether it is through gestures, speech, song, music, dance or any combination thereof.

  • Interior Design & Decorating

Creative Edible Food Arts These classes provide necessary and valuable techniques and skills for creating beautiful art pieces with simple everyday things.  Decorative items not only for surfaces but decoration made from vegetable and fruits, etc., for food platters and serving pan as well as the foods that are to be consumed. In other words, edible art!!!  
Creative Art Courses are also provided for those interested in entering clothing and textiles, interior decorating and catering events.

  • Caribbean DancerSize® Fitness & Cultural Dance Programmes:Caribbean Dance Explosion (

Various dance styles and techniquesCDC promotes dance in all its various forms as a creative outlet and for its exercise and mental benefits.  Numerous Dance-Sport & Cultural Dance Fitness Training Programmes are developed and coordinated in collaboration with dance schools, groups and tutors with the skills and talent to ignite this passion among our community members.  Community dance programmes include:CFI Health and Fitness Programme (

  • Amigos Bailadores Dance Associates (ABDA - - Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes.Afro & Indo-Caribbean Dance Training;
  • Ballroom & Latin Dance & Dance-Sport;
  • Free-Style, Street Dances & Cultural Dance Styles;
  • Tutor Development Programmes – “Training of Trainers”.Register for Dance-Fusion Performance Training Program

Free-Style, Hip-Hop, Dance-Hall, Latin, Modern-Contemporary, Folk, Indo & Afro Caribbean DanceDance Fusion Performance Training and Development Programme is a special project of the Caribbean Dance Explosion and its member schools, organizations, associates and members:

CDC BTSD Business & Technology Skills Training ProgrammesFree-Style, Hip-Hop, Dance-Hall, Latin, Modern-Contemporary, Folk, Indo & Afro Caribbean Dance

Dance-Fusion is uniquely designed to not only train dance enthusiasts in technical aspects of various Cultural and Popular Free-Style dance disciplines, but also to unlock the potential of aspiring dancers to develop a broad spectrum of professional and business skills and provide an appreciation of the management principles, techniques and expertise required in preparing dance presentations, performances and the development and management of a full stage production.

Dance-Fusion Performance Training Program

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