The BizTECH “Technology Training for Non-Techies” Training Programme is uniquely designed to introduce or enhance the skills-set of those that have not had the benefit of formal or advance technology skills training. ComDevCorp BTSD Training Causes (eLearning) 

The programme combines a flexible and modular approach to developing focused learning opportunities in a bespoke “Ubuntu” Training Model.

Trainees are provided the opportunity to seek-out and establish a personalized or self-designed training programme with the assistance of the Training Coordinators, that meet their personally desired professional pursuits, interests and achievement goals.

 Participants can select 1-2 training modules based on their special needs, or a training programme can be developed with the assistance of the training coordinator.  Trainees are further provided flexible training schedules that can better allow for a focused and managed course of study and programme activities.
Trainees can pursue a progressive development pathway to higher level courses and BTSD Training Modules and are provided access to our online training portal, which also allows for continued development through self-learning.

Register for ComDevCorp BizTECH & BTSD Training ProgrammesThe following is a list of training courses and programmes are currently available to BizTECH trainees with workshop materials, training tools and Professional Enhancement, Soft-Skills and Business Workshops and Seminars for mentored programmes or for personalized self-learning and skills development:

LEVEL I - BizTECH Training Programme

Technical & Soft-Skills Training Modules available for trainee selection.
Computer Literacy & Software ApplicationsAssertiveness and Self-ConfidenceNetworking Within the Company
Introduction to the Internet, Data & SIP Media SystemsIntro. To Business ApplicationsEntrepreneurship Skills
Safe-Surfing & Social NetworksOffice AdministrationProject Planning & Administration
Internet Research & Security Awareness.Developing Personal & Work ValuesSocial & Business Etiquette
Introduction to MS WORDAttention ManagementOrganizational Skills
Introduction to MS EXCELBasic BookkeepingOvercoming Sales Objections
Introduction to MS POWERPOINTEmployee Termination ProcessesPersonal Branding
Introduction to MS PUBLISHERFacilitation SkillsPersonal Productivity
Introduction to MS OUTLOOKEvent Planning & AdministrationSales, Marketing & Presentation Skills
Intro to Website Design & Mobile App. DevelopmentExecutive and Personal AssistantsProject Management Tools

Register for Business & Technology Skills Training - BTSD and BizTECH

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