Project 100 - BTSD - YES Training ProgrammesGet your Homework Assistance Programme established, upgraded or expanded . . . with our technical assistance, training support and technology support appliances.  Give your students and participants a needed edge to expand their training capabilities and work opportunities.

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CDC Productivity Development Programme Learn to Improve Your STUDY SKILLS Learn effective study techniques that will help you learn more and get more work done in less time! . . . This Course helps to Improve Your Learning Efficiency by providing detailed information on a variety of techniques you can use to greatly improve your study skills.   The course also has advice on how you can identify and overcome common study problems, how you can manage your study workload and how you can develop good time management skills.

 Learn to Improve Your Study Skills  Preparing – Absorbing – Capturing and Reviewing.
–  Homework Assistance Mathematics – English Grammar – Sciences – Music – Economics & Finance.

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PROJECT 100 as as most of our PDP and BTSD training programmes are not designed as regular or scheduled “class sessions”, this is combined with focus community workshops and other training activities significantly contribute to the development of time & process management and problem solving skills . . . learn more about and Register for Project 100:

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