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CDC develops, coordinates and manages youth development and community driven projects, jobs and work tasks to the benefit of businesses and the national community.  We provide productivity skills training programmes and activities that focus primarily productivity skills development for Primary & Secondary School Level Trainees; and income generation and viable business opportunities for our trainees and community members in need from age 16 onward.

Our Training and Development Programmes include Technology, Business Skills & other training tools that constructively motivate and enhance productivity skills and life choices, with the view to helping our youths and community members to help themselves.

BizTECH & Homework Assistance

BTSD Training & Assessments

Learn To Earn P100 ProjectPDP, YES, BTSD & BizTECH

  1. Marketable Job Skills & Business Development Training;
  2. Enhance Productivity Skills, Self Esteem & Confidence;
  3. Enhanced Life-Skills, Family Security & Quality of Life;
  4. Real World Job Placement and Employment Opportunities:
    • Hands-On Job Skills Training Opportunities;
    • Performance Enhancement & Appraisal;
    • Real World Work Assignments.

P100 Opportunity Meetings

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