Community Group Benefits

Register Your Community & Special-Interest Groups (SIGs)Create a Community or Special-Interest Group (SIG)

  1. First Register as a “SIG Manager or Community Coordinator”.
  2. Create a New Community or Special-Interest Group. 

SIGs & Community GROUP Members’ BENEFITS:


  1. Management Training for Coordinators;
  2. Project Implementation Training & Support;
  3. Resource, Procurement, Coordination Support;

COMPUTER TRAINING – Coordinators, Leaders & Group Members:

  1. Computer Literacy & Skills Training;
  2. Marketing, Graphics & Publishing Applications;
  3. Business Applications (Word, Excel, Internet);
  4. Web Design, Development & Maintenance;


  1. Own Community Membership Website;
  2. Get Anywhere Access to On-Line & Computer Based Training (CBT) Programmes;

MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT – Community and Group Coordinators & Leaders:

  1. Project Coordination & Management Training;
  2. Financial Planning and Record Keeping;
  3. Computerized Accounting Applications;
  4. Project Development & Documentation Support.

Other SIGs & Community Group Member Support

CDC work with community member groups and beneficiaries and provide support to develop, implement, manage and maintain their own medium to long-term development programmes and projects.

Community & Special-Interest Group (SIG) Support:

  1. Assistance to establish or operationalize existing and under-utilized community resources and assets:
  2. Coordination of Skills Training and other Functional Computer Facilities and Classes;
  3. Establishment of Business and Trade skills training programmes and facilities;
  4. Implementation Support for Youth Development Programmes, Events and Activities;
  5. Development and implementation support for Cultural, Sport & Business Projects;

Infrastructural, Social and Business Support:

  1. Youth mentoring, counselling and mediation support for sensitive family and domestic issues affecting vulnerable youths in these communities;
  2. Infrastructure maintenance and development support;
  3. Coordination and facilitation support for developing cross-community and multi-community projects and collaborative efforts and communications;
  4. Assistance with access to critical available and needed resources; Re-Training efforts and Skills Development Programmes for Community Group Members.

PDP Group Member Scholarships:

CDC Community Group, CBO Business Organization KitPDP Training Resources and Benefits are provided to community member groups and beneficiaries through the recommendations of Community or Special-Interest Group Administration or Coordinating Committees.

1.  Your Group should have an Organized Group Structure – Develop & Define Special Interest Focus of Group  e.g., Cultural or Performance Group, Sports Team or Club, Training Programme Committee, etc.

2.  Strong Interest in Establishing, Operating and Registering the Group as a Business Entity – CREATE A GROUP PROFILE WITH:
1.   A description of an Existing or Past Group Programme, Activity or Project;
2.   Identify Current or Existing Group Resources, Assets and Activities;
3.   Outline a Proposed Project, Development Plan or Support Resource Needs.

3.  Establish a Minimum >= 10 Unique & Dedicated Group Members to Register Group  – Identify 4 – 5 Members with initial responsibility for coordinating and representing your community group or organization.

Plan the Work! – Develop the Plan! – Work the Plan! . . . we help you to 
LEARN Research, Determine and Access Needed Skills & Training Programmes! . . . 
PREPARE – Prepare You to Lobby, Navigate & Negotiate Required Means for Operations! . . . 
DO Develop Needed Infrastructure & Business Network for Implementation!

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