Community Exchange Outings

Our Vision

Connecting people to their local communities by providing a range of support services which aim to enhance health and well being and maintain independence.

Our Purpose

Volunteer helping out in the Neighbourhood

Volunteer helping out in the Neighbourhood

Building trusted relationships with older people, people with a disability and carers; Supporting people to achieve their individual goals; providing a range of care and support, including nutritious meal options, in a flexible and responsive way; Exploring innovative models of service delivery (within our core expertise) to make a difference within the community; Offering regular social contact to enhance connection to the local community; Informally monitoring the health and well being of people in their own homes and making appropriate referrals; Connecting people with local activities; Offering diverse opportunities for volunteer development and inclusion; and Developing a range of partnerships and networks.

Our Values

Support of the disable and elderly persons within the community

Support of the disable and elderly persons within the community.

Ensuring access and equity in the provision of services; Treating all people with dignity and respect; Valuing and developing our volunteer base; Recognizing and valuing our workforce; A consultative approach to business development; Professional, ethical and accountable conduct; Enhancing people’s capacity to remain independent.  

CDC is a non-profit organization that assist home bound elders and their caregivers, adult with disabilities, grandparents raising grandchildren all in an effort to promote healthy well beings.  To maximize independence of these individuals we train, supervise and insure volunteers who can help them with grocery shopping, paper work computer training, rides to the doctor, minor repairs and companionship.  To support family caregivers and grandparents rising grandchildren, we provide respite care, support groups, books and videos, seminars, fun outings, legal assistance, community referrals and emergency fund.

Compassion – we care about our communities and look for opportunities to enhance the lives of its members and provide support to their independence.

Respect – we believe that the less fortunate have choice and must be respected as individuals.

Reliable  we meet our obligations and honor our commitments.

Integrity – we are accountable for our actions and act honestly in the best interests of our communities and our funding bodies at all times.

Sustainability – we support continuous improvement, encourage innovation and manage our organisation efficiently to ensure a high standard of service delivery and professional practice.


Our volunteers help us to provide valuable services to the people we serve and without our dedicated volunteers the service could not exist.

We offer a range of services to the residents of communities we serve. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with any of these programs, in a range of roles.

General duties include:The core beliefs of our organization .

• Assisting people on and off the bus.

• Assisting with shopping (carrying bags, pushing trolleys etc)

• Assisting with the organization of group activities and outings.

• Providing them with conversation and companionship.

Places such as the Pitch Lake, Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Fort King George Park, Nariva Swamp and Asa Wright Nature Center are some of the attraction that are visited in these outings.

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CDC BTSD Youth Entrepreneurship Skills (YES) Training Programme

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