Jasmyn SargeantComDevCorp Youth Officer II

The role of Youth Officer II carries both personal and professional development responsibilities for young Miss Jasmyn Sargeant.  Having the dual task of planning and managing her own youthful development, Jasmyn is charged with seeking out and finding new and effective ways, means and projects to engage the talented and enthusiastic youths of our communities, to reach for the stars in their effort to rise above the fray of undesirable behaviours and temptations that can have debilitating impact on the rest of their lives.

Still at a youthful age, Jasmyn has been steadfast in her boundless ambition to pursue a career as a Lawyer to advocate causes for equality and justice for her fellow-man and woman.  When asked why or what attracted her to this choice of profession, her first response is that she believes she can and will make a difference in championing the plight of the down-trodden and disenfranchised in their on-going battles against inequities and inequality.

Jasmyn is currently pursuing her ambition to champion her cause at University in the UK, working towards her LLB Degree with specialization in Constitutional Law and a special Languages elective (French).  

This coupled with, and in addition to, her many academic, professional and social pursuits at her current age (19), has helped her achievements to date to include:

  • Graduating in the top echelon of her Graduating Class and elected School Valedictorian, amassing a chess full of awards and trophies for both her academic performance and extracurricular activities at one of the leading schools in Trinidad & Tobago. 
  • Over her secondary school years, she has been the recipient of numerous honorary awards and merits of recognition for exemplary performance as Head Girl and Student Representative for her alma mater, Holy Name Convent.
  • Maintaining a Grade A average throughout her primary and secondary school tenure which began at Newtown Girls Primary and followed onto Holy-Name Convent Secondary School, where she graduated in the top 5% of her class with the honour of being selected as School Valedictorian in her graduating year;
  • Throughout her Secondary School tenure, Jasmyn has taken leadership roles in programmes including:
    • Global Young Leaders Conference (2015), travelling on her own accord to Europe to attend Global Young Leaders Conferences in Vienna, Prague and Berlin, with extended visits to Munich, Salzburg and Bavaria;
    • Junior Achievement Programme – In 2013, she was the Vice President of Human Resources for a Company started under this programme called The Emporium. Here she learned to work together with a team of diverse people in order to sell products such as bows, bands and earrings, which led to company gaining one of the highest sales in the programme.
    • Catherine Gordon’s Dare to Shine Programme – A three day workshop in which she Jasmyn attended which taught her skills in business communication, formal table etiquette and time management.  
    • At the Holy-Name Convent, Jasmyn served as Head Prefect and headed the Student Council;
    • Her studies included Spanish, French and Accounting at the advanced proficiency level, and she excelled in a well-rounded course curriculum that covered the sciences, arts and business;
    • Jasmyn was a National Basketball Scholarship Recipient in 2010, in which she travelled as a national representative to the World Basketball Federation Coaching and Basketball Camp in Istanbul;
    • Her involvement in a wide array of social activities led Jasmyn to become a regular Host of nationally televised youth meetings of the Living Waters Youth Council and other Programmes, and to deliver several motivational speeches to her peers and national youth audiences.

With these experiences, Jazmyn is an exemplar in her role of Youth Officer II of the Community Development Corporation (CDC – ComDevCorp), where she contributed to community and youth projects and programme activities that foster positive and productive skills development for our youth and communities.  Through her past, current and pursuit of future achievements, Jasmyn continues to hone exceptional and model qualities in:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational Skills   
  • Goal Setting
  • Business Etiquette
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Spanish and French Literacy
  • Microsoft Word Literacy
  • Microsoft Excel Literacy
  • Computing and Technology Skills
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