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P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

ComDevCorp BTSD & YES Training ProgrammesPROJECT 100 is a special skills training and development project that seeks to engage youths, young adults and community members selected from among ComDevCorp Programme Registrants in target communities.   P100 Candidates will be engaged in special-focus productivity skills training and entrepreneurial project activities aimed at transforming their learned abilities towards income-generation and job opportunities.   Get more P100 Project details and registration information here . . .

REGISTER FOR PROJECT 100 Training Programme

ComDevCorp Health, Fitness & Cultural Dance ProgrammesRegister Now for Dance Explosion's Tutor Training and ABDA 'Silver Bullet' Latin Dance Workshops
Caribbean Dance Explosion (

SPECIAL FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASSES for Registered Community & Special Interest Group (SIG) Members Silver Bullet Class Management Training Programme 8-weeks  – REGISTER NOW 

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P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

Join Our Support Team, Community Events & Activities

We welcome all community members, tutors, coordinators and event managers to join our team and revolution towards creating value-added opportunities for four youth and communities in need.

Register to become a Tutor, Coordinator or Trainee for any or all our programmes.
 Join our Members Network for more pr0gramme details.We also extend CONGRATULATIONS to:Congratulations Team

The CDC Management send our sincere Congratulations with Pride to these and all our members, SIGs, Community Groups and Network Partners, as we continue to dedicate all effort to developing and providing needed support to the many other groups joining our family and coming under the watch of our ‘developing the community from within’ campaign.

Keep On Keeping On!
CDC Management

Get On-Board our PROJECT 100 Training Programme and Organize and schedule a CDC “Opportunity Meeting” in your Community!

Click Image Below to REGISTER and get more details on PDP, BTSD & P100 Special Projects.

Optionally CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD our Basic Sign-Up Form for Completion and Hand-Delivery to listed locations.
CDC BTSD Youth Entrepreneurship Skills (YES) Training Programme

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P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

Homework Tuition, Technical Support & Assistance Programmes

Project 100 - BTSD - YES Training ProgrammesGet your Homework Assistance Programme established, upgraded or expanded . . . with our technical assistance, training support and technology support appliances.  Give your students and participants a needed edge to expand their training capabilities and work opportunities.

Check-Out & Subscribe to our Library of Skills Training & Tuition Videos!

Recommended Members Training Courses: (Available in the Members Training Portal)

CDC Productivity Development Programme Learn to Improve Your STUDY SKILLS Learn effective study techniques that will help you learn more and get more work done in less time! . . . This Course helps to Improve Your Learning Efficiency by providing detailed information on a variety of techniques you can use to greatly improve your study skills.   The course also has advice on how you can identify and overcome common study problems, how you can manage your study workload and how you can develop good time management skills.

 Learn to Improve Your Study Skills  Preparing – Absorbing – Capturing and Reviewing.
–  Homework Assistance Mathematics – English Grammar – Sciences – Music – Economics & Finance.

Register Now for PROJECT 100 Training Programme
Organize & Schedule an “Opportunity Meeting” in your Community!

PROJECT 100 as as most of our PDP and BTSD training programmes are not designed as regular or scheduled “class sessions”, this is combined with focus community workshops and other training activities significantly contribute to the development of time & process management and problem solving skills . . . learn more about and Register for Project 100:

P100 BTSD Training Locations


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P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

Online Training CBT Diplomas & Professional Certification

JOIN ComDevCorp Members Network (Certificate & Diploma) Training Programmes:

“The beautiful thing about learning is no one can take it away from you.” – BB King

The Entrepreneurship and Business Development Orientation and Training Workshops introduce participants to various aspects of Technology, Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Development Skills and job enhancement opportunities.  Certification and Diploma Training Courses are also made available through our Online Members Training Portal for members wishing to continue on to higher level skills and certification training.

Participants progress through various levels of exposure and training to develop and complete assignments and projects designed to encourage and establish income generation opportunities that help participants to develop viable work skills and business opportunities.

In addition, skills enhancement and empowerment efforts are also guided towards higher learning, elearning and international certification opportunities provided through our network support and collaborative training partners.

JOIN ComDevCorp Members Network

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P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

Community Board – JOB Skills, Tasks, Services & Experts

Get your Jobs and work needs handled quickly, efficiently in a most cost-effective manner with our On-Demand community jobs services.  Join our community experts and become a key resource to the community by offering your unique skills set for hire.  No job is too big or too small for our available skills bank of community experts and skilled workers.  Join our team of experts or post a want-ad for your job needs and get fast and value-added service response.

Administrative, Business & Management Support Services
Outdoor & Special Cleaning
Routine Jobs & Tasks
Outdoors & Landscaping
Manual Labor & General Tasks
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P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

BTSD Technology, Entrepreneurial & Youth Skills Development

REGISTER NOW TO ACCESS MEMBERS TRAINING PORTAL WELCOME to the CDC Productivity Development Programme (PDP):CDC BTSD Youth Entrepreneurship Skills (YES) Training Programme

BTSD & YES Community Training Programmes & WorkshopsPDP comprise several Training Modules, Workshops, Community Events, Entrepreneurial Projects and Field Activities:

“LEARN TO EARN” Training Programmes

  1. Business Technology Skills Development (BTSD);
  2. Youth Entrepreneurial Skills (YES) Programmes:

Learn new skills without limitations to develop income earning opportunities!REGISTER NOW for BTSD, YES & CBT Training Courses
“LEARN TO EARN” Youth Entrepreneurial Skills (YES) Training Programme!Learn to build Mobile Websites and Smart Phone Apps in 1 hour without coding …!Build Mobile Apps and Websites without coding!

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P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

About the Community Development Corporation (CDC)

CDC helps many individuals to become skilled in whatever area of expertise that may further benefit themselves, the community and provide a better life.The Community Development Corporation (CDC) was established in 1995 to develop, coordinate and manage a series of community and youth development projects in various low income and economically deprived communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Our organization focus primarily on skills development and training in income generating business activities, with the view to helping community members to help themselves, and through the provision or sourcing of valuable technical and work skills training, and providing job placement opportunities in the business and productive sectors of our economy.
P100 BTSD Training LocationsCDC was formally incorporated in April of 1999 after 4 years prior operations in the provision of community training and other development activities conducted with the assistance of conscientious citizens with common interest in providing enhanced opportunities to the less privileged and young adults in various high risk or low income communities of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The CDC welcomes the support of all in combining resources, services and effort towards this valuable cause, and in the interest of uplifting the means and access to value-added economic opportunities for every productive member of the community.P100 Programme Structure

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P100 – BTSD, YES, Health & Fitness, Creative Art & Culture

Register Your Community & SIG Group Now!

 Register Your Group Now!  we help you to

Create a New Community or Special-Interest Group (SIG)LEARN – Research, Identify and Access Needed Skills & Training Programmes . . . !PREPARE – Prepare to Lobby, Navigate & Negotiate Required Means for Operations! . . . !DO – Develop Needed Infrastructure & Business Network for Implementation . . . !Group MEMBER SCHOLARSHIP BENEFITS, Key Resources & Training:

  1. Project Development, Implementation & Management Training & Support;
  2. Computer Literacy, Business and Technology Skills Training;CDC Community Group, CBO Business Organization Kit
  3. Your Own Community Membership and Social Marketing Website;
  4. Anywhere Access to On-Line & Computer Based Training (CBT) Programmes;
  5. Financial Management and Record Keeping training, support and more . . . read more details.

Community & Special-Interest Group (SIG) Registration:

  1. FIRST Register as a Community or SIG Coordinator or Committee Member.
  2. Join or Create a New Community or Special-Interest Group
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